Janel Ancayan is a second year environmental studies student. She is currently involved in an experiment testing the survivability of invasive bagrada bugs.

Harrison is a second year Environmental Studies major who enjoys reading, taking pictures, and cooking vegan food.  In the lab she collects data for projects related to tamarisk biocontrol.  

Putnam is senior graduating this spring with a major in environmental studies and a minor in German. He is an athlete on the UCSB men’s swimming team and plans to work as a firefighter after he graduates.

Kirsten Cook is a 2nd year Environmental Studies major volunteering in the RIVRLab. She loves working and playing outdoors: everything from backpacking to nature photography to ethnobotany!

Chris is a fourth-year Ecology and Evolution major who assists graduate student, Randy Long, with plant stress response studies utilizing non-native Tamarix spp.

Third year CCS Biology major working on identifying preferred host choice of the Polyphagous and Kuroshio shot hole borers.

Carly is an undergraduate studying Environmental Studies at UCSB. She enjoy sports, hiking, traveling, backpacking, and pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. Carly assists Randy Long, a graduate student, in his research on a non-native Tamarix spp. by performing sugar extractions and gathering data on the plant stress responses in different conditions.

Cannon is undergraduate at the UCSB studying Environmental Science (B.S.). He plans on pursuing his interests in marine restoration and environmental business management. He also plans on studying abroad in Bangkok, Thailand focusing on key Indo-Pacific coastal habitats in Southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. His other interests include surfing, free diving, and backpacking. 

As an environmental studies major and education minor, Tracey is assisting in the research of Tamarix physiology and responses to varying stress conditions.

Skai Peterson is a first year CCS biology major

Sebastian is a senior Ecology and Evolution student specializing in entomology. He is working on identifying insects in biodiversity studies conducted on the Santa Clara River. 

Michael is a senior Aquatic Biology major interested in biogeochemical cycles, hydrology, and sustainable use of water resources. He is working in the RIVR Lab assisting Randy Long in his study of the drought/salt tolerances of Tamarix sp. across geographical areas.

Courtney is a fourth year doubling in environmental studies and geography at UCSB. She is currently assisting in the RIVRLab collecting data for projects related to tamarisk biocontrol for grad student, Randy Long.