Cape Ivy

Cape Ivy is the only species in the plant genus Delaireafrom the family Asteraceae. This promotes the possibility of biocontrol methods that would not harm native vegetation, even species within the Asteraceae family. 

Investigations in South Africa have uncovered a moth (Digitivalvadelaireae) and a fly (Parafreutretaregalis) that damage Cape Ivy in the native region but to do damage other plants, native or non-native. The Cape Ivy moth causes significant damage to Cape Ivy through leaf- and stem-mining. Studies on the moth revealed that the moth only laid eggs on Cape Ivy and was effective for both morphological varieties (stipulate and exstipulate) that exist in North America through the reduction in plant growth and biomass accumulation. Applications for release of the moth as a biological control method have been approved by the USDA-APHIS Technical Advisory Group on Biological Control of Weeds.