Biological control of invasive plants; Evolution and developmental biology of insects


Ecological impacts of invasive plants; Restoration planning

Biological control of invasive plants and insects, molecular ecology and parasitology.

Ecophysiology of desert plants; Climate change and plant responses

Wildlife ecology / riparian bird population biology

Restoration ecology, T&E bird surveys, red-legged frog, tidewater goby, botanic surveys

Geology/fluvial geomorphology; Landscape assessment and restoration planning

Bruce Orr

Riparian ecology and vegetation science; Restoration for biodiversity enhancement - fish and riparian birds

Habitat Restoration and Plant Ecology - Restoration Planning Researcher 
Master's of Environmental Management Student at University of San Francisco 
Matt Stoecker portrait

Salmonid ecology, river restoration for fish access

Jared Williams graduated from UCSB in 2016 with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Spatial Science. He helps plan and implement habitat restoration efforts for the Santa Clara River Project.