What we are about today is also the result of people who were part of our lab in the past.

Undergraduate - Environmental Studies

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies - Ph.D

Jerald (Jerry) Hansen, graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry in June 2017. Jerry was assisting with the synthesis of the tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda sp.) pheromones for the RIVRLab and the California Alliance for Tamarisk Biocontrol.

Student Research Assistant

Student Research Assistant

Graduate Studies - Bren School of Environmental Science and Management (Masters)

Graduate Studies - The Bren School of Environmental Science and Management (Masters)

Emily has recently graduated and is now a postdoc in the Dudley Lab. Emily's dissertation work explored the effects of an invasive amphibian, the African clawed frogs, on native amphibian species.  Her work explored predator-prey interactions, pathogen transmission, and invasive species detection using environmental DNA.

Undergraduate Studies