Tamarix Genetics

Tamarix genetics and hybrid introgression

We are utilizing population genetics approaches to identify the genetic diversity and hybrid index of Tamarix populations in the southwestern US.
Leaf material was collected from genotypes in the experimental common garden in Yuma, AZ, and from ten populations located on the Virgin River in the Mojave Desert. In total, 639 individual genotypes have been sampled. The individuals originated from 29 locations distributed across Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada, along with native T. chinensis and T. ramossisima. Data for all individuals for all loci have been acquired through polymerase chain reaction, fluorescent labeling, and genotyping on a capillary sequencer. Stay tuned for future results.

For questions, please contact Shannon Fehlberg (email).

Funding support provided by the US Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (Award number 2015-67013-23138), and the Desert Botanical Garden.