Tom Dudley

Principal Investigator

Originally specializing in community ecology of aquatic insects, the increasing dominance of western riparian systems by invasive, non-native flora and fauna...including cows...has diverted my attention to ways to restore rivers and riparian systems degraded by such invasions, particularly via biological control methods...I've not worked out biocontrol of cows yet, but remain committed to that in the long run. In the process this has led to partnering with those applying science-based approaches to large-scale river restoration, aka EcoHydrological the Virgin River sometimes with the uncertain support of my friend, Cliven Bundy. We are also undertaking development of a land trust to ensure long-range conservation of riparian systems and sustainable agriculture in the Santa Clara watershed of southern California.

In honor of the tamarisk beetle that has consumed the better part of the last 18 years or so, body art has been applied and we encourage others who join our lab group to similarly adorn themselves with their favorite study subjects. 

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(805) 893-8062

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Noble Hall 1128

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Noble Hall 1250

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(805) 893-2911

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Marine Science Institute - University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150


invasive species
new zealand mud snail
colorado basin
santa clara river